Storybuilder can help in accident investigation by entering accident paths into a graphically enhanced database. Analysis of the accident paths provides information about the direct and root causes of accidents.

Learning from accidents

The accident analysis with Storybuilder can help prepare and conduct inspections of improvements to prevent occupational accidents. For all types of accidents so-called fact sheets are made, that give data such as numbers of accidents and severity of accidents. Also information can be produced about immediate causes (e.g. pedestrian was invisible for the driver) and the root causes that can be traced back to management tasks (e.g. create a pedestrian area without access for vehicles). Further analyses are available on accidents in a number of specific sectors and with specific equipment such as fork lift trucks.


Storybuilder is designed as an interim step towards a risk model for occupational accidents, ORCA. Based on the analysis of over 9.100 accidents investigated by the Labour Inspectorate, generic accident scenarios were developed. They represent specific types of accidents. A total of 36 generic accidents models were composed, ranging from falls from height accidents to confined spaces, explosion, etc. The Storybuilder database is updated yearly. lt contains all accidents examined by the Labour Inspectorate from the period 1998-2010 and 2012. These approximate 26,000 accidents are available for further consultation. In addition, a user friendly version of Story Builder will be developed, which can be used by companies to analyze their own accidents.


The factsheets published on this website, were no longer accurate and have been removed.

Current information on the analyses of occupational accidents is published on the website (in dutch)

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