Roll your own tobacco must meet the requirements of the Dutch Tobacco Act. To determine whether a product complies with these, measurements are taken in accordance with the NEN-ISO 15592-3 standard: 'Fine-cut tobacco' and smoking articles made from roll your own tobacco. A roll your own stick of 750 mg tobacco in a standard 7.2 mm paper tube is used.

In addition to regular roll your own tobacco, expanded tobacco is also used to make a roll your own / make your own cigarette. This tobacco has a larger volume per gram than regular roll your own tobacco. A cigarette made with 750 mg expanded tobacco in a standard paper tube therefore has a higher draw resistance when taking a puff. Roll your own smokers often make cigarettes 'by feel' with a pleasant draw resistance. Therefore the method for smoking a roll your own / make your own cigarette of expanded tobacco is adjusted and implemented in the Tobacco Act. According to the adjusted Tobacco Act, the amount of expanded tobacco is reduced to make the draw resistance comparable to that of a cigarette with regular roll your own tobacco. The amount of roll your own tobacco to be used is adjusted for the increase in volume, according to a standardized method.