In 2018, the number of notified TB patients was 806, a small increase of 3% compared to 2017 (784 notifications). The TB incidence was 4.7 per 100,000 population, and thus the Netherlands is considered as a low-incidence (<10/100,000) country.

Recent and passed migration had an important impact on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Netherlands. In 2018, 619 patients (77%) were first-generation migrants; 229 of them resided less than 2.5 years in the country. They were mostly from Eritrea, Morocco and India.

Other key figures relevant to understand the TB epidemiology are: the number of children <15 years with TB is 20 (2.5%); the number of HIV co-infected TB patients is 21 (2.6%); the number of patients with rifampicin-resistant or MDR TB is 6 (1.1%) (all data 2018); the proportion successful treatment of rifampicin-sensitive TB patients is 88% (data 2017) and in rifampicin-resistant TB patients 71% (data 2014-2016).