17 December 2021: new online edition of NEVO

The new edition of the Dutch food composition database (NEVO) is online. The 2021 edition contains compositional data for over 2200 foods and more than 130 components (protein, carbohydrates, fat and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). Moreover, the NEVO Online searchable website was completely renewed. Read the news New NEVO online 2021.

8 October 2020: Factsheet 'A closer look at front-of-pack nutrition labels' online

RIVM and the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) have compared three existing European front-of-pack nutrition labels to the Dutch Wheel of Five guidelines. These labels are the Scandinavian Keyhole, the British Multiple Traffic Light and the French Nutri-Score. The factsheet was published in November 2019 in Dutch. See the factsheet.

Portie-online: Update of the Dutch portion size website Portie-online

A new edition of the Portie-online website was launched end of 2019, now including portion size information of all food groups. Several organisations collected information over many years which is now available in one database. In the following years the database will be updated and will include up-to-date information of new foods and portion sizes. The website is in Dutch and can be searched on food name, NEVO-food id or food group. For each food included, all available portion sizes are shown. For direct access to the searchable data use: https://portie-online.rivm.nl/