Together with WHO, RIVM has drawn up an action plan for the WHO Collaborating Centre on Chemical Food Safety

Terms of Reference (ToR)

  • Improvement of the Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) and the Chronic Individual FOod COnsumption summary statistics (CIFOCOss) databasesCoordination of the collection of worldwide individual food consumption data for the GEMS/Food programme; analysis of the data in collaboration with WHO and development of a format for a food consumption database. More on our activities regarding food consumption data and maintenance.
  • Improvement of risk assessment methods used by WHO for food risk assessment by joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR).  More on our activities regarding probabilistic exposure modelling and BMD modelling.
  • Supporting the use of Total Diet Studies for food safety risk assessment at international level.