A circular economy is not automatically safe, healthy, and sustainable. How do we know if a circular solution is also a good solution? The QONNECT project allows us to evaluate raw material recycling loops at a higher level. In doing so, we focus on plastics in particular. In collaboration with involved parties, we explore and identify bottlenecks and promising solutions. 

We improve the evaluation of safety and quality. For example, we look for the presence of toxic substances in recycled plastic. We also identify the advantages and disadvantages of a specific solution. 

Small scale and large scale

We evaluate circular solutions on a small scale and on a large scale. On a small scale, we can effectively analyse the costs and benefits of recycling. On a larger scale, for example, we can see what the consequences are for our country and our economy as a whole. 

By combining smaller scale and larger scale evaluations, we get to see the entire picture. This helps companies, citizens, and policymakers to make the right choices in the transition to the new, circular economy.