Data from the PIENTER Corona Study can also be shared with other researchers under certain conditions.

If you are interested in data from the PIENTER Corona Study, please contact the research team via In your email, describe the purpose of your research, who is taking part, which research rounds of the PIENTER Corona Study you would like to use, what will be done with the results, and whether you think you might need serum samples.

After an initial evaluation by the principal investigators, you will receive a response about whether your request is within the scope of the goals defined for the PIENTER Corona Study. If that is the case, you will be asked to complete a form (material transfer / data sharing agreement), which will then be reviewed by a number of researchers at RIVM.

Requests will be reviewed based on the goal of the access request and whether it corresponds with the goal of the PIENTER Corona Study and the approval granted by the Medical Research Ethics Committee. All such research must benefit public health and may not be commercial in nature.