Scabies, or ‘the itch’, is a contagious skin disease caused by the itch mite. Scabies can be treated with a special cream or with tablets.

Recognising scabies

Persoon met geirriteerde plekjes op de huid van de arm

Scabies (‘the itch’) is a contagious skin disease. You can recognise scabies by itching that continues to get worse, and by blisters, red lumps or flaky skin. Especially on on your palms, between your fingers, on your wrists, elbows, feet and genitals.

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Preventing scabies

2 personen zitten knus tegen elkaar op een bank

Do not share fabric items with anyone who has scabies. This will prevent you from getting scabies yourself. You should also avoid regular or prolonged skin-to-skin contact with anyone who has scabies.

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Treating scabies

Plaatjes van een pil en een tube zalf

Both Permethrin cream and Ivermectin tablets are an effective way to treat scabies. It is important to keep in mind that everyone around you who may have also caught scabies must be treated at the same time as you.

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