RIVM conducts research on the harmful effects of the use of tobacco and nicotine products. What impact has smoking on health, what makes tobacco and nicotine products attractive and addictive? RIVM aims to support global tobacco policymaking and enforcement of tobacco regulation.

A dedicated team conducts research to inform policymakers about tobacco and nicotine products’ attractiveness, addictiveness, and toxicity. Tobacco regulatory science supports the discouragement of tobacco use and enforcement of regulation.

Areas of expertise

RIVM focuses on:

  • signalling and assessing new products and trends in additives and product design,
  • composition of products and emissions,
  • user behaviour and sensory perception,
  • risk communication,
  • risk assessment,
  • policy advice.

Signalling and Assessing

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New products and trends in additives and product design.

Product Composition

Tobacco product composition showing ingredients like menthol, sugar, vanilla

Analyses using smoking machines, analytical techniques and product data.

Collaborations on tobacco

Studies in cooperation with universities and governmental institutions worldwide.


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