A lot off attention is paid to the quality of data in the NEVO database. All nutrient values are evaluated before inclusion in the database according to the NEVO quality manual. Critical aspects considered in this manual are the food description, the sampling procedure and the analytical method. After careful consideration, decisions are taken with respect to food names, allocation of food code numbers including the merging of several tastes and brands et cetera. Selected data are entered into the NEVO database.

NEVO data sources

Preferably, food composition data should come from chemical analyses by accredited laboratories.  Other data sources include foreign food composition tables, scientific publications and food label information.

Missing values are filled in, if possible,  by deriving the composition from the ingredients of the food, by borrowing values from similar foods or by logical deduction, e.g. 'vegetable product: vit D = 0'. Some nutrients and energy are calculated based on other nutrients with a formula, e.g. vegetable protein=total protein-animal protein.

For each value, a reference is known. You can see these for each food in the Product details screen, which you enter by clicking on the food name in NEVO-online. For every nutrient the reference is shown.

The references and reference id's are available in  the download.

International standards

The food data compilation process adheres to internationally accepted standards, as described in the EuroFIR Quality Management System and the EuroFIR generic flow chart for food data compilation (Castanheira I et al., 2009; Westenbrink S et al., 2009*) is followed. This way, the work is standardised as far as possible and data are qualityassured.

* Castanheira I, Roe M, Westenbrink S, Ireland J, Møller A, Salvini S, et al. Establishing quality management systems for European food composition databases. Food Chemistry 2009;113:776-80.
Westenbrink S, Oseredczuk M, Castanheira I, Roe M. Food composition databases: The EuroFIR approach to develop tools to assure the quality of the data compilation process. Food Chemistry 2009;113:759-67.