NEVO contains information on energy and more than 130 different nutrients. 

Description nutrients

An overview of  the nutrients available in NEVO-online is given in the document ‘List of components'. The document  includes the  English component name, Dutch component name and EuroFIR nutrient codes.

An extended description of nutrients is available in the document ‘NEVO online 2023: background information

The fatty acid clusters present in NEVO, for instance saturated fatty acids, consist of several individual fatty acids. The document ‘Composition of fatty acid clusters' lists which individual fatty acids belong to which cluster.  

Bioavailability and biological activity

Biological availability (bioavailability), which is the proportion of the component that is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and can be utilized by the body, is influenced by many factors including the chemical form of the nutrient, other substances present affecting the nutrient and endogenous factors (e.g. nutritional status) associated with the individual factors 

Biological activity is the effect the component has in the body and is related to  bioavailability. 

Data for nutrients given in NEVO are gross values not corrected for bioavailability. For some nutrients, however, biological activity is taken into account, e.g. retinol and carotenoids (RAE), total vitamin E and folate equivalents.