Being prepared for and respond timely and effectively to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear ( CBRN Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear (Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear)) incident, either or not intentionally of origin, is a requirement stemming from several internationally binding treaties, including the International Health Regulations (IHR) and non-proliferation treaties, such as United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR)1540 and the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions (BWC and CWC). As one of the few institutes globally hosting combined CBRN expertise, both operationally and scientifically, RIVM has a strong national position in the Dutch response to CBRN incidents, not only in detection and identification of CBRN agents, but also in providing science based advice on potential public health risks. Acquired expertise is applied to support other countries in strengthening their preparedness and response capabilities to CBRN incidents by delivering demonstrations, training and exercises on how to operate safely in a CBRN contaminated crime or incident scene, tailored to the needs of the countries concerned.

Overview of CBRN preparedness & response projects

Title Project Status
CBRN preparedness and response enhancement in the South East and Eastern Europe region P44 Completed  
CBRN protection of critical civil infrastructure P73 Completed

Joint Action to strengthen preparedness and response to biological and chemical terror attacks


Strengthening crime scene forensics capabilities in investigating CBRN incidents in the South East and Eastern Europe region

P57 Completed