As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for emergency response has increased and experts from national health institutes are increasingly being called upon for, amongst others, capacity building for cold phase preparedness. The Dutch Global Health strategy also emphasises strengthening health systems worldwide, which includes the strengthening of diagnostic capacities and capabilities for countries outside our common European focus, such as Eastern European and African countries. RIVM contributes to such activities by providing training, education, advice or guidance and focuses on strengthening the surveillance landscape in a one health approach,  lab systems and infectious disease prevention and control.

Overview of Pandemic preparedness & response projects:

Title Project Status
CBRN protection of critical infrastructure P73 Completed  
Covid preparedness and response (SCAD) P81 Completed

WHO Collaborating Centre for laboratory preparedness and response for high threat pathogens and biorisk

WHO CC Lab Running

WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Preparedness and IHR monitoring and evaluation

WHO CC IHR Running
UNITED4Surveillance: Union and National Capacity Building for Integrated Surveillance UNITED4Surveillance Running
BE READY: European Partnership for Pandemic Preparedness BE READY Running