Biosafety & Biosecurity Projects

Most life scientists probably do not have malicious intents, but it is important that they have sufficient awareness about biosafety and biosecurity to work safe and secure. This requires an institutionalised biorisk management system in an organisation. RIVM developed several assessment and awareness raising tools to support implementation of biosafety and biosecurity measures, as well as several training programmes on biorisk management. We apply the experience gained for applications in a national setting to support other countries in strengthening and or/implementing biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management policies in the context of several international frameworks, with a strong, but not limited focus on Eastern European and Central Asian countries and the African region. 

Overview of Biosafety and Biosecurity projects:

Title Project Status
Implementation of a National Inventory of Dangerous Pathogens in North Africa CRDF Completed  
Implementation of a National Inventory of Dangerous Pathogens in Sri Lanka NIPD Sri Lanka Completed
Implementation of a National Inventory of Dangerous Pathogens in Mongolia NIPD Mongolia Completed
Lessons learned NIDP implementation East Africa NIDP LL Running
Strengthening Biosafety & Biosecurity in Central Asia P53 Completed
Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity Capabilities in East and Central Africa P99 Running
Strengthening Biosecurity and Response Capacities in Southeast Asia P81 Running
Strengthening the laboratory biosecurity and biosafety through development of a laboratory iso-bank system for research facilities and hospitals P15 Completed
The preparation of a biosecurity toolbox to strengthen European biosecurity ToR13 Completed

WHO collaborating Centre for laboratory preparedness and response for high threat pathogens and biorisk

WHOcc Lab Running