Why is breast cancer screening important?

 One in seven women will develop breast cancer. The screening program is intended to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible moment. Early detection of breast cancer is critical to successful treatment. It also means that in many cases, less radical treatment is required. RIVM is conducting the Breast Cancer Screening Program in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Who can participate?

All women aged 50 to 75 are eligible and will receive an invitation to participate. Breast cancer occurs most frequently in this age group. You will receive an invitation every two years for a mammogram (X-ray) of your breasts. Participation is free and on voluntary basis.

The screening test

Experienced laboratory technicians at the Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) take the mammograms (X-rays) for the screening. Two screening radiologists at the Amsterdam UMC assess the mammograms. The results will be sent to the participants and their doctor within two weeks after the screening.

Follow-up care

If the results require further action the doctor will inform the women who were screened about any detected abnormalities and will provide referral to the hospital for follow-up examination or testing.

Questions? Go to the FAQ about breast cancer screening on Sint Eustatius

Do you have questions about the screening?

Please contact: Public Health and Prevention Clinic

Charles A. Woodley Road # 2E
Golden Rock, St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands
Tel: (+599) 318 2891
E-mail: shanna.mercera-gibbs@statiagov.com

For other questions or complaints about the screening program please contact

RIVM Bevolkingsonderzoek
Caribisch Nederland:
Team Population screening Caribbean Netherlands
Tel or whatsapp: (+599) 7810476
Mail: screeningCN@rivm.nl