Promoting public health and caring for the climate and the human environment is embedded in our organisation’s DNA. It is only logical for RIVM to want to contribute to the Global Goals. We do so by providing independent advice supported by scientific research and by developing expertise and tools for application in actual practice.


Watch this short film for a snapshot of RIVM's work on the SDGs Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals).

Sustainable Development Goals and RIVM

My name is Marieke Verschuuren.
-My name is Ana Maria de Roda Husman.
My name is Manon Zwart.
And together, they work at RIVM,
where we contribute to several of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
We will now take a look at the work we're doing on these important goals.
At RIVM, we are engaged in a lot of activities
that contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3,
on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being.
We perform monitoring. We do research.
We provide tools and practical guidance for public health practitioners.
And we do work on population-based screening programmes.
Through these activities, RIVM supports evidence-based health promotion,
disease prevention and care.
The SDG that we specifically advise on is SDG Number 6,
which regards safe water and sanitation.
Safe drinking water is essential for public health.
It's important for you, and it's important for me
and for everyone throughout the world.
In drinking water, there may be several hazards.
Hazards can make you ill, specifically microorganisms.
They can give you an infection, and subsequently a disease.
The Netherlands is specifically a country that works on water.
We have so much expertise and knowledge on water, also at RIVM.
Our project on liveable cities and communities, so that's Goal Number 11.
People who live in their own area,
report to us on what they see in their own environment as a threat to liveability,
or they monitor air quality.
We can study the qualities in the environment
and find ways to improve the liveability in cities.
I think we could put more effort into Number 17, partnership on goals.
I think our position in the Top 10 makes it necessary that we put effort
in knowledge sharing, capacity building, in those countries that are still,
well, in the lower ranks of the index,
so we can help and make the world a better place.

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RIVM is contributing to the majority of the seventeen global goals, but particularly to seven which are highlighted in a flyer. Our flyer is available for download

Circle depicting the eight SDG's RIVM is contributing to