'Safe, healthy and sustainable food for everyone' ( UN United Nations  (United Nations )). RIVM contributes to this goal with knowledge, research and practical tools. What we eat and how our food is produced has a major impact on public health and the environment. RIVM provides the facts and figures on current dietary habits in the Netherlands and their effects on safety, health and sustainability. RIVM also investigates and substantiates initiatives to improve the safety, health and sustainability of our food, taking it to a higher level.

RIVM conducts research on healthy nutrition and safe, sustainable food.  An example is the RIVM report 'What is on our plate?’ We also collect data about food consumption and the composition of food products in the Netherlands. Data sources include the National Food Consumption Survey, the Dutch Food Composition Database and the Study on Nutritional Status of Dutch Adults.


RIVM is involved in multiple research projects, such as the Horizon2020 PROMISS project, which aims to better understand and prevent malnutrition in older people, thus promoting active and healthy ageing. All our other international projects contributing to SDG2 can be found on our international projects overview webpage.