'Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages' (UN United Nations  (United Nations )). RIVM has been promoting public health and safeguarding the environment in the Netherlands for over 100 years.  Our knowledge, research and practical tools and resources contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3.

RIVM has a central role to play in controlling infectious diseases and in the national prevention and population screening programmes, conducting research in the fields of Public Health and Healthcare, as well as Environment and Safety.

In the past, many children in the Netherlands died of infectious diseases that can now be vaccinated against. Since nearly all children in the Netherlands are vaccinated these days, these infectious diseases almost never occur any more. Thanks to the National Immunisation Programme, all children in the Netherlands can be vaccinated free of charge. Prevention and population screening programmes make it possible to detect diseases at an early stage, or even prevent infection entirely.

RIVM records information pertaining to the quality and effectiveness of interventions in the Intervention Database. Promoting healthy lifestyles; what makes a lifestyle intervention effective?  The best-practice interventions are available on www.loketgezondleven.nl, the portal for health promotion and disease prevention by RIVM and its partners.