'Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development' ( UN United Nations  (United Nations )). Many of the challenges in public health and the environment demand an international approach. Therefore, we actively seek collaboration abroad. Through collaboration with UN organisations including the WHO and within EU European Union (European Union) frameworks we contribute to achieving the SDGs Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) worldwide.

RIVM collects and compiles knowledge and shares it with everyone.  We work with other national and international health institutes to address global issues related to the environment and to Global Health: health and health services for world citizens.  We also work with cities and professionals on topics related to living safe, healthy, sustainable lives.

We participate in projects for safe, sustainable cities in partnership with local authorities, as well as internationally through European projects. RIVM also actively supports the work of the World Health Organisation (WHO), hosting 9 WHO Collaborating Centres.