On this webpage, we present an overview of publications on tobacco and nicotine products. The publications are ordered by type and year of publication, language is English or Dutch.

WHO reports

Title Issue
Standard operating procedure for determination of nicotine, glycerol and propylene glycol content in the tobacco of heated tobacco products. WHO TobLabNet Official Method SOP15. 2023
WHO study group on tobacco product regulation. Report on the scientific basis of tobacco product regulation: ninth report of a WHO study group. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2023 (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 1047). 2023
Information sheet: measuring priority emissions in heated tobacco products, importance for regulators and significance for public health. 2021
WHO study group on tobacco product regulation: Report on the scientific basis of tobacco product regulation: eighth report of a WHO study group. 2021
Information sheet on  WHO TobLabNet methods for measuring priority contents and emissions in tobacco and related products 2020
Background paper to WHO TobReg on sugar content in tobacco products. 2019
Applicability of WHO TobLabNet SOPs 04 and 06 to measure Nicotine and Humectants in waterpipe tobacco emissions. WHO FCTC Technical Progress Report. 2018
Feasibility of manufacturing cigarettes/tobacco with reduced addictiveness potential. Report: consultation on tobacco addictiveness reduction measures, Berlin, Germany, 15–16 May 2018. 2018
Novel, new and modified tobacco or related products. Tobacco product regulation. Basic handbook. 2018
Cigarette characteristics and design features. WHO Technical report. 2017
Applicability and adaptability of the WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network standard operating procedures for cigarettes to waterpipe tobacco. WHO Technical report. 2017
Novel tobacco products, including potential reduced exposure products: research needs and recommendations. WHO Technical report. 2015

Articles and RIVM reports

An overview of articles and RIVM reports on tobacco and nicotine products is published on Tobacco.