Participating in work is beneficial for our health. However, work can also lead to risks. We can be exposed to dangerous substances or radiation, catch infectious diseases and fall down the stairs.

Since 2007, employers and employees are more responsible for occupational health and safety policy. The government provides a clear legal framework to minimize rules. Employers and employees jointly agree on how they meet the requirements of the government.

RIVM supports the government in different ways in developing and implementing policies leading to safe and healthy working conditions. This section of the website is about occupational safety and controlling the risk of having an accident at work. These risks may have to do with what people do (for example, working with machines), where they are (e.g. on a scaffold), or with special hazardous situations such as working with explosives or near power lines.

Related topics

RIVM is involved in various aspects of occupational health and safety, such as dangerous substances, radiation hazards, infectious diseases, Public Health and Safety Forecasting, and exposure to allergens.