December 2023: new version NEVO online

Out now, the new version of the Dutch Food Composition Database (Nederlands Voedingsstoffenbestand: NEVO). NEVO contains information on the composition of more than 2,300 foods. It provides data on more than 130 nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). New in this version is the update of the food group ‘meat substitutes and dairy substitutes’. Read more in this news item.

December 2022: E-learning on 24-hour urine analyses

At the request of WHO, RIVM's WHO Collaborating Centre for Nutrition has developed an e-learning on 24h urine analyses. The e-learning assists countries in preparing for 24h urine collection for nutritional status surveys, for example for assessing salt and iodine intakes.

The e-learning consists of four videos. They explain the practicalities for researchers of 24h urine collections in preparation for a 24h urine collection and demonstrate the actions a participant must follow for the 24h urine collection, as an insight for the researcher.  The videos are available on the WHO CC website.