There are 4 important measures to control the spread of COVID-19: stay home if you have symptoms and get tested. Practice good hygiene and stay 1.5 metres apart. For most people, this affects their work and leisure activities. More information for various professional groups is provided below.

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Note: due to the lockdown, some of the locations for which this generic framework was drafted are closed. Read all about the measures that are in place on

Generic framework COVID-19 measures

RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment has drawn up a generic framework of COVID-19 measures for:

  • organisations, companies/businesses, institutions, associations, and local authorities;
  • sports associations and clubs (indoor and outdoor, team sports, top sports);
  • culture, cabaret and the arts;
  • leisure activities.

The framework provides recommendations on how various organisations can comply with the Dutch measures announced by the national government.

Guiding principles such as staying 1.5 metres apart, hygiene measures and the health check are the basis for this framework. These principles are in line with the basic rules for everyone.

This generic framework replaces previous guidance documents and assessment frameworks provided by RIVM. Specific parts of those documents have been added to this generic framework for COVID-19 measures.

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To perform the COVID-19 health check, a checklist is available for download.

Generic framework for childcare, primary schools and secondary education

In the 95th OMT, supplementary measures were recommended to reduce transmission in childcare facilities and schools due to the high incidence in society overall and the prevention of new variants of SARS-CoV-2. These recommendations to childcare facilities and schools are presented in this Generic Framework. Guiding principles such as distancing, limiting the number of contacts, following hygiene measures, and the health check are the basis for this framework. These principles are in line with the basic rules for everyone.

The generic framework for childcare and schools includes:

  • day-care (0-4 years)
  • childcare provided by host parents
  • pre-school and after-school care (4-12 years)
  • primary education
  • special primary education
  •  special education

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The generic framework for secondary education and special secondary education includes:

  • secondary education
  • special secondary education

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Informal carers, PGB-funded care providers and palliative care volunteers

For informal carers, volunteers providing palliative care at home, and other informal and professional care providers who offer care and nursing at home a guideline for personal protective equipment (PPE) (in Dutch) has been drawn up.

Healthcare professionals

Guidelines and roadmaps for the novel coronavirus are available for healthcare professionals. Our webpage for healthcare professionals (Dutch only) provides information for healthcare workers in hospitals and in other settings. That includes care providers working in the context of GP care, district care, WMO-based support, disabled care, nursing home care, ambulance care, residential centres, small-scale housing facilities, and mental health care. Go to this page for information about the reuse of medical disposables.