The Collaborating Centre supports the WHO with the Global Environment Monitoring System and the Food Contamination Monitoring and Assessment Programme.

In the GEMS/Food programme, chemical concentrations in food and food consumption data are collected. This data is subsequently used to inform governments, organisations and Codex Committees about levels and trends of chemicals in food, their contribution to total human exposure, and their relevance for public health and trade. Furthermore, RIVM supports the WHO by developing new methodologies for risk assessment and by improving those that are currently used.

WHO Collaborating Centre on Chemical Food Safety was re-designated to RIVM  in May 2020 for a period of three years.


The coordinators of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Chemical Food Safety are Anton Rietveld and Polly Boon. Anton Rietveld is head of the department Food Safety, and Polly Boon is a senior scientist in this department. RIVM staff involved in the WHO Collaborating Centre work in this department, which is part of the RIVM Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services.