Title Authors Reportnumber
Advisory report on maximum noise levels for musical activities : Proposal for maximum noise levels for publicly accessible locations with amplified music (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Gommer A.M., Verweij A., Snijders B.E.P. 2017-0159
Base document Coordination Point Assessment and Monitoring new drugs (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Keizers P., Ohana D., van Aerts L., Venhuis B., Janssen R. 2018-0073
Budget impact analysis of a combined lifestyle intervention : Estimate of budget impact for health insurers (report in Dutch, English synopsis) van Giessen A., de Wit G.A., Wendel-Vos W., Feenstra T.L. 2018-0092
Clinical investigations involving medical devices(Mis)Match between registration and notification in the Netherlands van Elk M., Roszek B., Hegger I. 2017-0172
Consumption and health risks of energy drinks by Dutch children and adolescents (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Bemelmans W., de Vos N., van Rossum C., van de Weijgert V., de Wit L., Wijga A. 2018-0071
Control measures for the use of endoscope disinfectors : Progress of the implementation of the SFERD quality manual (report in Dutch, English synopsis) de Bruijn A.C.P., van Drongelen A.W. 2017-0139
Cumulative exposure to residues of plant protection products via food in the Netherlands Boon P.E., van Donkersgoed G., te Biesebeek J.D., Wolterink G., Rietveld A.G. 2018-0018
Dietary sources of exposure to Bisphenol A in the Netherlands Boon P.E., te Biesebeek J.D., Brants H., Bouwmeester M.C., Hessel E.V.S. 2017-0187
Estimation of the socio-economic consequences of regulatory measures on toxic substances in foodA proposed framework: SEATS Graven C., Zeilmaker M.J., van Gils P.F., Verhoeven J.K., Jongeneel W.P., Evers E.G., Ossendorp B.C. 2017-0079
Feasibility study into expanding the neonatal heel prick screening test Dekkers E.H.B.M., Klein A.W., Lock A.J.J., Vermeulen H.M. 2018-0107
Frame of reference for distribution and availability of ambulance care 2018 (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Kommer G.J., Mulder M. 2018-0128
Future prospects for ATMP's (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Hegger I., Vonk R.A.A., Weda M. 2017-0169
Health effects of high and low vitamin A intake in the Netherlands : What knowledge is available and what is missing (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Vennemann F.B.C., van Oeffelen A.A.M., van de Kamp M.E., Verkaik-Kloosterman J. 2017-0173
Health survey on people living in the direct vicinity of agricultural plots (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Simoes M., Brouwer M., Krop E., Huss A., Vermeulen R., Baliatsas C., IJzermans J., Verheij R., Janssen N., Marra M., Wijga A., Rietveld A.G. 2018-0068
Health survey on people living in the direct vicinity of agricultural plots (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Weda M., Muller-Hansma A., van der Maaden T., Boersma F., van Puijenbroek E. 2018-0020
Horizon scan of medical technologies Technologies with an expected impact on the organisation and expenditure of healthcare van der Maaden T., de Bruijn A.C.P., Vonk R., Weda M., Koopmanschap M.A., Geertsma R.E. 2018-0064
Insight in outcomes, utilization and medical spending of maternity care and the first experiences with bundled payments (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Struijs J.N., de Vries E.F., van Dorst HDCA, Over E.A.B., Baan C.A. 2018-0109
Long-term complications of transvaginal mesh implantsA literature review de Vries C., Roszek B., Oostlander A., van Baal J. 2018-0130
Mineral oils in food; a review of toxicological data and an assessment of the dietary exposure in the Netherlands van de Ven B.M., Fragki S., te Biesebeek J.D., Rietveld A.G., Boon P.E. 2017-0182
Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA) computational model: maintenance and management 2017 Boon P.E., Boer W.J., Kruisselbrink J., van Lenthe M., te Biesebeek J.D., van Klaveren J.D., van der Voet H. 2018-0001
Nadelige gezondheidseffecten en ziekten veroorzaakt door chroom-6Indeling in categorieën van causaliteit in relatie tot chroom-6-blootstelling (report in Dutch) Hessel E.V.S., Staal Y.C.M., Piersma A.H., Ezendam J. 2018-0166
Policy Framework for Population Screening for Cancer Klein A., van Velzen R. 2018-0042
Policy framework for Prenatal and Neonatal Screening Vermeulen H.M., van Velzen R., Abbink F. 2018-0043
Public Health Foresight Report 2018 - A healthy prospect (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Hilderink H.B.M., Verschuuren M. 2018-0030
Quality indicators for Down syndrome screening laboratories in the Netherlands, 2016 (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Carbo E. 2017-0195
Quality indicators for Down syndrome screening laboratories in the Netherlands, 2017 (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Carbo E. 2018-0108
Regions moving towards collaborative & sustainable healthcare systems (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Drewes H.W., van Vooren N.J.E., Steenkamer B., Kemper P.F., Hendrikx R.J., Baan C.A. 2018-0140
Risk assessment of GenX and PFOA in vegetable garden crops in Dordrecht, Papendrecht and Sliedrecht (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Mengelers M., te Biesebeek J.D., Schipper M., Slob W., Boon P.E. 2018-0017
Safe re-entry for workers into plant protection product treated crops Markantonis M., te Biesebeek J.D., Graven C. 2018-0005
Semantic Unification in the healthcare sector (report in Dutch, English synopsis) van Gool C.H., Volkert P.A., Savelkoul M., Schoemaker C., Melse J., van Sonderen J.F., Lamain A.F. 2018-0081
Social cost-benefit analysis of regulatory policies to reduce alcohol use in The Netherlands (report in Dutch, English synopsis) de Wit G.A., van Gils P.F., Over E.A.B., Suijkerbuijk A.W.M., Lokkerbol J., Smit F., Spit W.J., Evers S.M.A.A., de Kinderen R.J.A. 2018-0146
Telediagnostics : parameters and barriers (report in Dutch, English synopsis) de Bruijn A.C.P., Hegger I., Moltó Puigmartí C.P., de Vries C.G.J.C.A., Bijwaard H., de Waard I.R. 2017-0171
The amniotic membrane : An exploratory study (report in Dutch, English synopsis) de Vries C., Braakhuis H.M. 2018-0136
The Dutch healthcare system in an international perspective (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Hagenaars L.L., Harbers M.M., Achterberg P.W., van den Brink C.L., Jeurissen P.P.T. 2018-0066
The impact of the new European IVD-classification rules on the notified body involvement;a study on the IVDs registered in the Netherlands. van Drongelen A., de Bruijn A., Pennings J., van der Maaden T. 2018-0082
The use of epidemiologic studies for the biomonitoring of harmful substances Tiesjema B., te Biesebeek J.D., Mengelers M. 2016-0216
Towards an integrated system for product improvement in the Netherlands : Advice of the Committee Criteria Product Improvement (report in Dutch, English synopsis) Wilson-van den Hooven E.C., Visschers R., de Kok P.M.T., de Graaf C., Roodenburg A.J.C., Wolvers D., van den Berg M. 2018-0056
Transcatheter aortic heart valves in Europe A market surveillance study Roszek B., Lamme E.K., van Drongelen A.W., Oostlander A., Geertsma R.E. 2017-0170
Use and safety of doping and sports nutrition supplements in the Netherlands (report in Dutch, English synopsis) van den Berg S.W., Venhuis B.J., Buurma E.J.M., Rompelberg C.J.M. 2018-0047