RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment is conducting research in various ways to monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus. RIVM systematically collects, analyses and interprets data. This enables us to keep a close eye on how the novel coronavirus develops and to see if any changes occur.

An overview of the COVID-19 research conducted by RIVM is provided below.

Modelling the spread of the virus

Using data from research in the Netherlands, RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment  can estimate the course of the outbreak and calculate the effect of measures. Read more about modelling.

Infection Radar

RIVM  keeps abreast of the spread of infectious diseases in various different ways.  This also applies to the novel coronavirus. One of the ways is by observing people with symptoms that could indicate an infection.  This is done via an Infection Radar. Read more about Infectieradar (Dutch only).

Research within families and young people

RIVM is carrying out research among families in the Netherlands where someone has contracted the novel coronavirus. We want to find out more about the course of the disease.  Read more about research on families and young people.

Herd immunity

RIVM has launched a large-scale study on immunity to COVID-19. This multi-year study investigates how many people have antibodies for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more about herd immunity.

Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (Nivel) monitoring stations

Nivel is working with RIVM on screening for people with flu-like symptoms. Working together, they are running tests at 40 General Practitioner (GP) practices to see how often these symptoms occur and which viruses are causing these symptoms. Read more about Nivel monitoring stations.

Applying Behavioural Science

Research on behaviour and health provides insights into how to help people to continue following behavioural rules. Read more about behavioural science.

Public perception of the coronavirus

RIVM and the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (Nivel) are jointly researching how people in the Netherlands perceive the corona crisis and how they are responding to it. Six repeated online surveys were sent out between 24 February and 17 May 2020 to nearly 3,000 people in the Netherlands. Read more about the public perception of the coronavirus.

Study on behavioural measures and well-being

To gain insight into how people view the imposed coronavirus measures in the Netherlands, their motivation in adhering to the measures, and what the impact is on their daily lives, RIVM and GGD GHOR (the Netherlands Municipal Public Health Services and Medical Assistance in Accidents and Disasters) are conducting a large-scale study on this topic. Read more about the study on behavioural measures and well-being.

Sewage research

Genetic material from the novel coronavirus has been detected in sewage in the Netherlands. Read more about COVID-19 sewage research.

More COVID-19 research in the Netherlands

More research is being conducted into COVID-19 in the Netherlands. An overview can be found on the FMS website. Also, new research programmes on COVID-19 have been set up with the help of government grants. More information.

EU project preparing for a COVID-19 vaccine

UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, RIVM , the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb and research institute PHARMO are involved in a European project which aims to prepare Europe for a COVID-19 vaccine. The ACCESS project (Vaccine Covid-19 monitoring ReadinESS) is a feasibility study to prepare for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of the novel coronavirus vaccines when they become available on the market. Read more