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RIVM uitgaven: Rapporten
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Gezondheidseffecten van de 23 smaakstoffen in vloeistoffen voor e-sigaretten 2022
Tabaksaccessoires. Producten die tabak aantrekkelijk maken 2022
Smaakbepalende additieven in vloeistoffen voor e-sigaretten: een voorstel voor een limitatieve lijst 2021
Nicotineproducten zonder tabak voor recreatief gebruik 2021
Alternatieve tabaksproducten: harm reduction? : Tabaks- en aanverwante producten die mogelijk minder schadelijk zijn dan sigaretten  2016
De gezondheidsrisico's van e-sigaretten voor omstanders 2016
Additieven in Nederlandse tabaksproducten : Trendanalyse gegevens 2010-2014 2016
The health risks of using e-cigarettes 2015
Additieven in Nederlandse tabaksproducten : Trendanalyse gegevens 2010-2013 2015
Speciation of metals and metalloids in tobacco and tobacco smoke : Implications for health and regulation 2015
De gezondheidsrisico's van het gebruik van e-sigaretten 2015
Detectiemethoden ter ondersteuning bij de handhaving van het rookverbod 2014
Additieven in Nederlandse tabaksproducten : analyse van de gegevens over 2011 2013
Publieksinformatie over additieven in tabaksproducten : the right to know  2013
Additieven in Nederlandse tabaksproducten : Analyse van de gegevens over 2010  2012
Rapportage en regelgeving van tabaksingrediënten : Een vergelijking van Nederland met andere landen  2012
Risk assessment of tobacco additives and smoke components : a method proposal  2012
Herziening EU-Tabaksproductrichtlijn 2001/37/EG  2012
Zwerfrook en alternatieven voor rookruimten  2010
Zwerfrook en alternatieven voor rookruimten. Bijlagen 1 tot en met 5 bij  340004001/2010 2010
Wat rookt de Nederlandse jeugd en waarom?  2009
Handhaving van een rookvrij binnenmilieu  2009
Het effect van rookverboden op de incidentie van hart- en vaatziekten  2009
Ranking van drugs. Een vergelijking van de schadelijkheid van drugs  2009
Adverse health effects of cigarette smoke: aldehydes Crotonaldehyde, butyraldehyde, hexanal and malonaldehyde  2006
Reductie van blootstelling aan omgevingstabaksrook in de horeca door ventilatie en luchtreiniging  2004
The health and addiction risk of the glycyrrhizic acid component of liquorice root used in tobacco products  2003
Nicotine Addiction  2003
Comparison of measured NH4 level and NO emission to declared tar and nicotine values of hundred cigarette brands  2003
The Contribution of cocoa additive to cigarette smoking addiction  2003
The health- and addictive effectes due to exposure to aldehydes of cigarette smoke. Part 1; Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Acrolein and Propionaldehyde  2003


Wetenschappelijke artikelen
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Effects of providing tailored information about e-cigarettes in a digital smoking cessation intervention: randomized controlled trial 2023
Reducing attractiveness of e-liquids: proposal for a restrictive list of tobacco-related flavourings 2023
Sugars and Sweeteners in Tobacco and Nicotine Products: Food and Drug Administration’s Regulatory Implications 2022
Neuromodulatory and neurotoxic effects of e-cigarette vapor using a realistic exposure method 2022

Methodological Approaches for Risk Assessment of Tobacco and Related Products

Challenges in Predicting the Change in the Cumulative Exposure of New Tobacco and Related Products Based on Emissions and Toxicity Dose–Response Data 2022
The Joint Action on Tobacco Control: A cooperation project for strengthening tobacco control in Europe 2022
“It’s Like Jogging Next to the Highway”: A Qualitative Analysis of the Motivations and Experiences of Single-, Dual-, and Ex-Users of IQOS in The Netherlands 2022
Evolution of tobacco products: recent history and future directions 2022
Tobacco products in the European Union Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG): A tool for monitoring the EU tobacco products directive 2022
Flavours and flavourings in waterpipe products: a comparison between tobacco, herbal molasses and steam stones 2022
Comprehensive Dutch market data analysis shows that e-liquids with nicotine salts have both higher nicotine and flavour concentrations than those with free-base nicotine 2022
Variations in cigarette brand characteristics: can consumers tell the difference? 2021
Awareness, use and perceptions of cigarillos, heated tobacco products and nicotine pouches: A survey among Dutch adolescents and adults 2021
Improving the Analysis of E-Cigarette Emissions: Detecting Human “Dry Puff” Conditions in a Laboratory as Validated by a Panel of Experienced Vapers 2021
Conceptual model for the evaluation of attractiveness, addictiveness and toxicity of tobacco and related products: The example of JUUL e-cigarettes 2021
Sensory methods to evaluate perception of flavours in tobacco and other nicotine-containing products: a review 2021
Exploring Neurobehaviour in Zebrafish Embryos as a Screening Model for Addictiveness of Substances 2021
Exploring the gateway hypothesis of e-cigarettes and tobacco: a prospective replication study among adolescents in the Netherlands and Flanders 2021
Effects of Providing Tailored Information About e-Cigarettes in a Web-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial 2021
Risk assessment of components in tobacco smoke and e-cigarette aerosols: a pragmatic choice of dose metrics 2021
It's all the other stuff!' How smokers understand (and misunderstand) chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke 2021
Both non-smoking youth and smoking adults like sweet and minty e-liquid flavors more than tobacco flavor 2021
Feasibility of Manufacturing Tobacco with Very Low Nicotine Levels 2020
Smoking regular and low-nicotine cigarettes results in comparable levels of volatile organic compounds in blood and exhaled breath 2020
Options for waterpipe product regulation: A systematic review on product characteristics that affect attractiveness, addictiveness and toxicity of waterpipe use 2020
Tobacco smoking and smoking cessation in times of COVID-19 2020
GC-MS analysis of e-cigarette refill solutions: A comparison of flavoring composition between flavor categories 2020
Characteristic Human Individual Puffing Profiles Can Generate More TNCO than ISO and Health Canada Regimes on Smoking Machine When the Same Brand Is Smoked 2020
A Method for Comparing the Impact on Carcinogenicity of Tobacco Products: A Case Study on Heated Tobacco Versus Cigarettes 2020
Comprehensive overview of common e-liquid ingredients and how they can be used to predict an e-liquid’s flavour category 2020
E-Liquid Flavor Preferences and Individual Factors Related to Vaping: A Survey among Dutch Never-Users, Smokers, Dual Users, and Exclusive Vapers 2019
Aldehyde and VOC levels in commercial cigarette mainstream smoke are mutually related and depend on their sugar and humectant content in tobacco. 2019
Nearly 20 000 e-liquids and 250 unique flavour descriptions: an overview of the Dutch market based on information from manufacturers 2019
A Combination of Factors Related to Smoking Behavior, Attractive Product Characteristics, and Socio-Cognitive Factors are Important to Distinguish a Dual User from an Exclusive E-Cigarette User 2019
Sensory Evaluation of E-Liquid Flavors by Smelling and Vaping Yields Similar Results 2019
The Health Risks of Electronic Cigarette Use to Bystanders  2019
Analysis of manufacturer's information on tobacco product additive use. 2019
A Deliberate Choice? Exploring the Decision to Switch from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes. 2019
Perceptions and reasons regarding E-cigarette use among users and non-users: a narrative literature review. 2018
New tobacco and tobacco-related products: Early detection of product development, marketing strategies, and consumer interest. 2018
Sensory analysis of characterising flavours: evaluating tobacco product odours using an expert panel. 2018
An e-liquid flavor wheel: a shared vocabulary based on systematically reviewing e-liquid flavor classifications in literature. 2018
Cigarette Filter Ventilation and Smoking Protocol Influence Aldehyde Smoke Yields. 2018
Effect of Adding Sugar to Burley Tobacco on the Emission of Aldehydes in Mainstream Tobacco Smoke. 2018
Cigarette design features: effects on emission levels, user perception, and behavior. 2018
A New Technique to Determine Emissions of Burley, Virginia and Oriental Tobacco Using Single Puff and Puff-By-Puff Pyrolysis. 2017
Stability and concentrations of humectants in tobacco. 2017
Website use and effects of online information about tobacco additives among the Dutch general population: a randomized controlled trial. 2017
Identification of flavour additives in tobacco products to develop a flavour library 2017
Costs and benefits of smoking (Dutch) 2017
Costs and benefits of smoking (English abstract) 2017
The sensory difference threshold of menthol odor in flavored tobacco determined by combining sensory and chemical analysis 2016
Sugar as Tobacco Additive Tastes ‘Bitter’ 2016
Author's response to: "Harmful effects from one puff of shisha-pen vapor: methodological and interpretational problems in the risk assessment analysis" 2016
A test strategy for the assessment of additive attributed toxicity of tobacco products 2016
An inventory of methods for the assessment of additive increased addictiveness of tobacco products 2016
An inventory of methods suitable to assess additive-induced characterising flavours of tobacco products 2015
Regulation of emissions of tobacco products other than cigarettes 2015
Potential harmful health effects of inhaling nicotine-free shisha-pen vapor: a chemical risk assessment of the main components propylene glycol and glycerol 2015
The effect of tobacco additives on smoking initiation and maintenance 2015
Simple determination of sugars in cigarettes 2014
Simple and Fast Determination of Ammonia in Tobacco 2014
Tobacco smoke-related health effects induced by 1,3-butadiene and strategies for risk reduction 2013
Hazardous compounds in tobacco smoke 2011
Subchronic inhalation of mixtures of cigarette smoke constituentss in Xpa-/-p53+/- knock-out mice: a comparison of intermittent with semi-continuous exposure to acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and acrolein 2007
Role of acetaldehyde in tobacco smoke addiction 2007
The relation between the quantity of ammonium compounds in tobacco and the nitrogen monoxide (NO) levels in the smoke of cigarettes marketed in the Netherlands 2006
Sugars as tobacco ingredient: Effects on mainstream smoke composition 2006
Contribution of monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibition to tobacco and alcohol addiction 2006
Significance of ammonium compounds on nicotine exposure to cigarette smokers 2005
Letter to the editor 2004
Determination of nicotine and cotinine in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry 2003
The role of nitric oxide in cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction 2002



Titel Uitgifte
Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarettes. 2023
Prijsgevoeligheid van rokende jongeren 2021
SCHEER (Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks), Opinion on electronic cigarettes 2021
The role of flavors in attractiveness of electronic cigarettes 2021
Overzicht van producten die de aantrekkelijkheid van sigaretten en shag kunnen bevorderen 2020
Next to Best Health Decisions; Exploring two cases: smoking behaviour and childhood vaccination 2020
Advice to the European Commission as regards type and criteria for comprehensive studies to be requested from manufacturers: The opinion of the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental, and Emerging Risks (SCHEER).  2020
Recommendations to the European Commission implementing a priority list of additives that should have more stringent reporting requirements: the opinion of the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) 2017
SCHEER (Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks), Opinion on Additives used in tobacco products (Tobacco additives II).  2016
HETOC Consortium, 2016. Mapping of best practices and development of testing methods and procedures for identification of characterising flavours in tobacco products. 2016
SCENIHR (Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks), Additives used in tobacco products (Opinion I) 2016
Are additives used in tobacco products harmless? Abstract of SCENIHR report "Additives used in tobacco products (Opinion I)" 2016